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So, you finally searched for it. Those thoughts and words you have only had the courage to think, dare not even speak: Cum Eating, or Coached Cum Eating. Head spinning with erotic thoughts, perhaps there's a rise in your pants right now! With your heart beating quickly you see sexy lady after sexy lady wanting to talk with you about your desires. Will you have to say it, say those words you just searched for? Probably not, right??

After all, you're calling from a site that specializes in your, let's say, um.. tastes? Maybe you can explore with her and you won't have to say the words out loud. Ask her if your questions and fears are true. You are afraid that your kinky thoughts are starting to rule your every waking moment and you have to talk with someone about it. You're afraid your desire to play around, taste your own semen makes you gay, or maybe you just aren't sure what it makes you.

I know you probably have tried to retrain your brain not to lust after it, maybe watch porn up and until the money shots then stop, or skip past it. But the more you try to put off images of your hot white mess shooting into your desperate mouth, the less you are able to "get off" without it. Pushing the images, the thoughts from your mind, you work yourself up having a nice wank session. But no matter how you try, use previously known triggers to summon your hot seed you can't. You can't bring yourself to orgasm. But the instant you allow your mind to go there, with images of white hot spunk flying into your mouth, there is no holding back and you erupt spewing your seed. Now, once satiated your embarrassment and humiliation over your erotic thoughts prevail and your appetite wanes.

It's a scene which plays out with many masturbatory sessions all over the world! Gay? Not Gay? Let's chat about what YOU are thinking, where your desires truly lay before you keep fretting over those question. What I do know is, from my perspective, it's HOT. Let's explore your cum eating fantasies, and see if you are ready to make them come true!

Mistress Erika